This, That, and Zap! 10/05

We’re still green in Washington, DC, but it’s a dried out green (must be all the hot air coming from downtown). Rumor has it that we might get a speedy fall color.  The weather still can’t make up it’s mind.  Yesterday was lots of rain and today was humid and 80.  Off to This, That, and Zap!

THIS is the arrival of my Moo cards. I’m going to take the plunge and leave them on the con table.  My imagination is already hard at work, convinced the flyer police will make some kind of announcement over the hotel speakers that I shouldn’t have put them on the table.  The cards are below, and are a very pretty high gloss texture:
Obverse: Blue card showing "Soldier, Storyteller" and green reverse, showing my name and website.

THAT is Rabia Gale’s post on book covers of Strong Women.    We see so many that turn women into objects that this is a refreshing change. I started rebelling against the really horrible covers by voting with my wallet.

ZAP! Combine a tornado and a fire, and you get one big scary thing.  Can you imagine even being near this?  Though I’m sure SyFy has probably already done a movie on it, though the tornado will probably chase people like it has a brain.

What’s it like where you’re at?  Are you getting any fall colors?