What’s With This “It’s Hard — Don’t Try” Stuff?

Right now, I’m struggling with the bane of my existence — details.  One of my strengths is that I’m a big picture thinker, but details are very hard for me to work with.  I have to significantly shift how I think to get even specifics into the story, and it’s hard. My only choice is to work at it.  It’s possible it may never be easy for me to do details, though if I work at it, I can come up with techniques that may help.

I’m noting all this because I’ve seen a disturbing trend on writing message boards.  It starts out with a writer trying to do something that’s hard … Read the rest on Unleaded Fuel for Writers.

Linda Adams — Soldier, Storyteller

Starting November 4, I will doing a month-long session on Forward Motion on “Basic Training of Military Culture.”  The lesson plan for the course is posted here.

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