Old War Stories: Women in Uniform

Put two vets together, and you get an instant rapport about shared experiences.  Doesn’t matter what generation it is — a vet is a vet.  I’m currently working on a submission for a as-yet untitled military anthology, which is due by October 31 (I’m hoping to find one of these when I actually have more of a lead time).  One of the things that has got me thinking, curiously, is the house my great-great-grandfather built.  My uncle is working on getting it declared a National Landmark, which is a really big deal.  One of the factors that will play into it is the story of the house.  Not how Havilah decorated it or its historic value, but the story of the descents of builders who came across country in a station wagon and found themselves with a legacy.  So, for this, I’ve been thinking, “What’s my story?”  It’s been a surprisingly tough question!


Starting November 5, I will doing a month-long session on Forward Motion on “Basic Training of Military Culture.”  The lesson plan for the course is posted here.  The site’s just had a restructuring, so I will be flying by the seat of my pants for the course while I figure out how to use the technology.