Photos: Fall Colors of Washington, DC

Just thought I’d share some photos of the fall colors in Washington, DC.  We didn’t get much rain, so a lot of the trees don’t have good color.  But there are a few standouts.

A tree in front of the Hilton turns red.


This was taken while I was at Capclave in Maryland.  That’s the con hotel in the background.A tree's leaves turn orange.


This guy was blooming out in the convention parking lot.  I love the oranges and reds of fall, but with the trees so dry, these weren’t as vivid this year.Park path lined with trees changing to a variety of yellows.


The trees are starting to change color at Potomac Overlook Park, Virginia.Up angle shot of overhanging tree trunk framed by red and green leaves.


This was a tree trunk that leaned over the path.A small tree's leaves turn bright red and are framed by the still green trees around it.


One tree turns orange amidst all the green.Small trees bloom red.


And a fiery one.

How have the fall colors been where you’re at?

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