November: Military Theme

Since I’m doing”Basic Training on Military Culture” over at Forward Motion’s Back to School for Busy Writers starting November 5, I thought I’d do a military theme for the month for anyone interested in more information.

A female enlisted soldier salutes a general during award ceremony
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This is a quick look at the theme’s topics:

  • Life as a Single Soldier
  • The G.I. Party – No, this isn’t something fun!
  • What’s it like on a military post?
  • Veteran’s Day – A veteran visiting a war memorial
  • An Officer, An Actor, a Gentlemen – On my meeting William Windom, guest star from Star Trek and World War II veteran (he died earlier this year)
  • Thanksgiving During War
  • For the writers, a list of ways to get military wrong in fiction

Plus —

I will be guest posting on Sherry Isaac’s “Nancy’s November Nine” series on Nancy Drew and doing two posts on Unleaded Fuel for Writers.

Plus Liv Rancourt will be dropping in for a guest post over here at Soldier, Storyteller.  Might also have one more.

Meanwhile, I’ll taking the theme direction for December.  Since I don’t want to do any of the standard themes like Home for the Holidays, I’m going to do “silver.”