Linda Maye Adams

Thinking smarter and managing writing time

So much is being asked out of writers today.  We not only have to research and write a book, but publishers expect us to blog and use Twitter to help promote it.  But no one talks about how to manage the time for all of these, and the last place you want to be in is figuring out how to manage it with a deadline looming.

When I worked with a cowriter, an agent requested a full.  It was exciting.  I was envisioning that we would be taking the next step in our writing career.  But I told cowriter we needed to come up with methods to finish the book faster because of the publisher’s year deadlines.  Maybe he meant to be supportive, but he dismissed it, saying deadlines could be negotiated.  I had this immediate image in my head:  Him blowing off the deadline and me in a panic .. Read the rest on Unleaded – Fuel for Writers.

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