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See You in 2013! I’ll be back February 12

I’m attending Odyssey’s Getting the Big Picture: The Key to Revising Your Novel starting in January.  One of their requirements is no blogging because of the amount work we will be doing, so I will be in “Advanced Individual Training” (Army Speak for “Good training.”  Hoo-Ah!) for my writing and will return February 12, 2013. …

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When I Almost Gave Up Novel Writing

I just got accepted into Odyssey’s Getting the Big Picture: The Key to Revising Your Novel, which is a huge milestone in the journey for book Miasma.  You see, because of Miasma, I thought about giving up novel writing and going back to just short stories. When I broke up with my cowriter, it was …

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Guest Post: The Lone Woman, or Gender Imbalance in the Action-Adventure Genre

Today, I have a guest post from Rabia Gale, who is also one of my WANA buddies.  She’s done a lot of posts on how women are depicted in fantasy novels on her blog and has a novella out called Rainbird.  Here’s her bio: Rabia Gale breaks fairy tales and fuses fantasy and science fiction. …

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What to put in the stocking this Christmas for a fiction writer

This year, I’ve had the challenge of looking for a writing book that would be appropriate for a 12-year old.  My niece is interested in writing, so I wanted to get her a book that would be educational on writing, fun, and yet not too focused on rules.  I wanted to eyeball them in the …

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Seriously, are meals in the military as bad as MASH portrayed them?

This time of the year is always about the food.   We go over to family’s house and load up on turkey, stuffing, cranberries, and my favorite, pumpkin pie, and repeat again at Christmas.  The food’s always delicious.   But what about the military?  When I was growing up, I watched MASH and saw Hawkeye Pierce …

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Readers are not stupid! A book review without honesty is pretty much meaningless

First up, I get to share some news with you. My short story, “Six Bullets” was recently released in the anthology A Princess, A Boatman, and a Lizard.  My story is about a princess who enlists in the military and then must make a deadly trip on a river to save the kingdom — with …

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