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What to put in the stocking this Christmas for a fiction writer

This year, I’ve had the challenge of looking for a writing book that would be appropriate for a 12-year old.  My niece is interested in writing, so I wanted to get her a book that would be educational on writing, fun, and yet not too focused on rules.  I wanted to eyeball them in the bookstore, but even the bigger Barnes and Noble really doesn’t have much in the writing department.  I started using 1-star reviews on Amazon to help me find what might be right for her.

Something like a book on writing is a very personal thing because all our creativity works differently.  Read the rest on Unleaded — Fuel for Writers.

Cover for The Darkness From Within showing an evil-eyed monster against a black backdrop.Meanwhile, check out this awesome cover for my next anthology.  My story, “A Soldier’s Magic” will be published in it.


  1. What book did you get her?


    • Bird by Bird by Ann Lamont.


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