When All Your Characters Are Seated Around the Dinner Table

Sometimes the strangest things will trigger a trip to Muse Land.  I go to a critique group called the Cat Vacuuming Society once a week.  We were talking about another story and a dinner party was mentioned.  I started thinking about all my characters attending a dinner party.  What would their reactions be if they were seated together?

Since I’ve been playing around with visual note taking, the result was this:

Characters seated around the dinner table with comments written next to them.  See the post itself for a more detailed description.

Screen reader translation:

The top of the page has “CVS,” 15 Feb, 2015 as the title.  A seated striped cat is the left.  A rectangular table is drawn below that.

At the head of the table: Ruby.  She the queen, so she’s on the throne.  It’s hard to see, but prowling at the table next to her is her cat, Vog. There’s a pair of cat ears and eyes peeping over the edge of the table.

To her right (and I really had to think of this, since I had to reverse it in my head) is Keymas, the main character.  He’s the invisible man.

Next to Keymas is his sidekick Olive, who is thinking “I’m going to spill food all over me.”

Separate from everyone else is Keymas’ father, Miles.  He’s present but doesn’t care.

Across from Miles is La Gras, the antagonist.  He doesn’t want to be here = growl.

Silas, the museum curator, is next with, “Party?  I’m ready.”

And last is Cyrillia, the goddess of parties: “Party?  Time to have fun!”