Linda – 0; Seagulls -1

It’s about three weeks until spring comes in Washington, DC. I can already see signs of it. Tiny buds are popping up on barren tree branches, and the music of the birds in the morning that wake me up earlier than I want. But the surprise was the seagull spotting I had at the local K-Mart when I went to buy two jigsaw puzzles.

Seagulls landed in the parking lot aisle, their white and light gray coloring are a shock in the last vestiges of winter. We’ve barely gotten the birds, and the weatherman is talking snow flurries, and here these seagulls are. I was surprised to see them because we’re not near the ocean. Since I’m from California, I’m more used to seeing them on docks or near the beach:


Photo from Stacy Green26 on Flickr, WANA Commons

But it turns out they come because of nearby Potomac River and have been sighted in Georgetown.

Still, a K-Mart in Annandale seems like a strange place to be, especially if you’ve ever been to Annandale.

The seagull won’t move. In fact, he deigns not to even look at me. This giant car is sitting in front of him, and he’s completely ignoring it.

Okay, so I press the horn lightly. Beep.

Not one seagull in the group takes to flight. The one in front of my car doesn’t move.

A man with swarthy skin and black hair, bundled up in a black jacket, watches from the shopping cart area. Guess this bird battle must be entertaining because he’s laughing.

I honk the horn again, this time harder. BEEP!

And those seagulls still don’t move.

Finally, I steer my car around them, like an obstacle course made out birds. The birds still ignore this giant metal monster moving around them and continue doing what they were doing, which was standing in the parking lot.

Linda – 0, Seagulls – 1.