Rule A: Fiction, freelancing, poetry? All writing isn’t the same

Linda’s Rules of Writing

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Writing novels may be writing, but it is different than freelancing.

I’ve always like the rules NCIS uses, because they’re really more of pearls of wisdom learned through experience.  With the A to Z Challenge, I thought I’d use letters, since that’s a tool of my trade for “Linda’s Rules of Writing.”  But I’m also going to avoid all the don’ts because they tend to have a very negative quality, like the expectation is that you’re doing it wrong starting out.

I’m going to start with A is for All writing isn’t the same.

I started writing when I was eight.  It was really just for fun, but when I turned 18, I started thinking about making money doing it.  I tried fiction, poetry, non-fiction, screenwriting, journalism, and even technical writing.

My logic was that it was writing, so it didn’t matter which form I did.

Except it did matter.

I like writing fiction.  I didn’t really enjoy the other forms.  They were something to get published, not something that I enjoy.  Fun has to come first, because it’s a tough road to take with all the rejections.

What are your personal writing rules?

Writerly Adventuring

Cover for A Princess, A Boatman, and a Lizard showing a silhouette of a princess holding a lizard.
Cover: A Princess, A Boatman, and a Lizard

On tap for today is my short story “Six Bullets,” which is in the Forward Motion Anthology A Princess, A Boatman, and A Lizard.  Six Bullets is about a princess who enlists in the military and has to battle her way upriver.  A little soldiering for the women!

Caption: A to Z Challenge

11 thoughts on “Rule A: Fiction, freelancing, poetry? All writing isn’t the same

  1. I agree with you about how you should write what you love doing and I also prefer fiction. I tried freelancing and it didn’t go well for me. Congratulations with your short story, it really does sound interesting.


  2. I cannot confess to having writing rules as such, but perhaps this is why I am a lazy writer full of dreams i have yet to pen.(Perhaps the A to Z can cure me of this) A great start to the A to Z challenge thankyou for a lovely read.


    1. LOL! I only thought it because of Gibbs’ Rules. I’m generally anti-rulz because there are a lot of people who treat them as if they must be obeyed or dire consequences will happen. It keeps writers from experimenting with perfectly legitimate elements.


  3. A great start. I’d written pages of my first novel before I suddenly said to myself ‘no-one’s talking’.. I’d not written dialogue before. Looking forward to the rest of your month.


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