Rule B: take regular Breaks from writing fiction

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A grass umbrella on a beach
A grass umbrella on a beach: Sometimes sitting and doing nothing is a great break!

We’re onto the letter B in Linda’s Rules of Writing, and on the importance of taking Breaks.

If you wander the web, you’ll find plenty of advice that says “Write every day.”  There’s truth in that advice, because it’s really easy to find something else more important and not get around to writing.

But writing every day can drain the muse.  So it’s important for the creativity to be recharged.  When I was trying out all different forms of writing, including screenwriting, I managed to burn myself out from too much writing.  That’s apparently common for writers in Hollywood because they do a tremendous amount of writing.  Now I take one day a week off to do something else, or nothing at all.

Since I’m in Washington, DC, I have plenty of museums to visit, like the awesome sculpture garden for the National Art Gallery.  The National Zoo also recently opened their new Elephant Trails.

What kinds of fun things do you like to do on writing breaks?

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12 thoughts on “Rule B: take regular Breaks from writing fiction

  1. I am trying to get more into walking. I have been trying out some new walking trails in the parks nearby and have been enjoying the trees and the birds. I need to head out for a walk very soon. If I don’t walk in the morning, I tend to not walk in the afternoon. I’m trying to build new habits one day at a time, so I’d better get going.


  2. My current writing focus began at the end of October when my outdoor activities (gardening, lawn care and other activities) gave way to mostly inside time. When the weather warms there will be more days i do not have any time to write.


    1. Spring is just coming out here (Cherry Blossoms are peaking this week) — but it’s been so cold that I haven’t always wanted to get out. I’m looking forward to warmer weather.


  3. This is really great advice. I think you are the only one who mentions to take a break from writing regularly and I just love that. I like to sleep or hang out with the family or even just watching a good movie.


  4. I like to read, take pictures, or go for a drive. Too much time in front of the computer makes it hard to concentrate with a fresh mind on what you are currently working on. Sometimes I need to take a break for a few days. Then I can write and write well.


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