Rule C: Celebrate your writing successes

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Luxor's pyramind-shaped hotel with palm trees
I had such a big win in writing department that I treated myself to a trip to Las Vegas and stayed in a pyramid.  Aren’t those palm trees awesome?

We’re onto the letter C in Linda’s Rules of Writing of the A to Z Challenge, with a look at Celebrating your writing successes.

Too much about writing is focused on getting to the next word count. Sometimes, too, it’s important to pay attention to the successes, big and little.

Miasma was a complete disaster when I decided to take Holly Lisle’s How to Revise Your Novel course. I had a major problem with the story that very hard to diagnose. I’m not sure if I asked someone to beta read it they would have been able to pin down what it was, except that their comments would have pointed directly at it. I’d also discovered I wasn’t detail oriented, because they had exploded all over the book in an effort to eek up the too short word count (which resulted from the other problem).

I went through most of the course, got to lesson ten and the source of the problem revealed itself to me. It was such a huge find! I’d gone through four books trying to figure out what the heck the problem was. Finally finished that draft of the revision, and it was time to reward myself.

I went to Las Vegas for seven days.

It isn’t just about the writing. It’s about celebrating successes and having fun doing it.

What have you done to celebrate your writing successes?

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16 thoughts on “Rule C: Celebrate your writing successes

  1. I am celebrating my first win of a writing contest. On Friday my kudos will come when i am added to the website of the contest and I was also asked to become a site contributor.


  2. Great post. I set smaller goals with my writing in order to keep moving towards a larger goal in order to celebrate as much as I can. This challenge is definitely something that I will be celebrating when I finish.


  3. Haven’t planned anything for finishing A to Z, but don’t worry, I’ll think of something BIG. I’ll having to start giving out hints to my husband so he can start preparing…whatever.


  4. That’s what I call a huge reward! If I could, i would go to the beach to reward myself, but I have nothing to reward me for lately. I haven’t written anything about my story. Good for you! Most people are hard to critic themselves but not too keen on the rewards.
    Thanks for your visit to the Dragon Cave! 😀


  5. After completing the A to Z challenge I am going to celebrate. Not sure how but I will have deserved it for all the hard work, effort, and dedication I have been able to put into writing since January.
    Denise at Organization and Inspiration for Fellow Writers, participant of A to Z Blogging Challenge


    1. I don’t think people realize how much work this challenge is. It’s not simply coming up with posts — it’s coming up with 26 different ideas that will work as posts and then executing them. Good luck, Denise!


  6. kenlizzi

    Celebrations? I don’t know, my elation seldom lasts all that long. I return to fretting over the current project rather quickly. My most recent celebration was a self-congratulatory tweet.


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