Rule D – Discipline yourself to write

Linda’s Rules of Writing

An Asian woman lays on her stomach and works on a laptop on the beach.
Laptop? Beach? Oh, yeah, I could write here.  Maybe that’s a goal for this summer.

We’re onto the letter D in Linda’s Rules of Writing of the A to Z Challenge, Discipline yourself to write.

I could give you link after link after like “Butt chair” or “write every day.”

But honestly, a book doesn’t get written unless you discipline yourself to actually sit down and do the writing on a regular basis. It doesn’t have to be every day, because, honestly, some people have schedules where that’s difficult. But regular is important because it’s awfully easy to have other priorities and end up not writing at all.

It starts with making an effort.  How do you discipline yourself to write?  What times do you like writing at?  Any favorite spots like my beach photo above?  Do you have any rituals?

Writerly Adventuring

Cover for The Darkness Within showing an evil-eyed monster against a black backdrop.
Cover: The Darkness Within


Some of the discipline I learned came from being in the army for 12 years.  I served in Desert Storm, when it was still strange and new for women to be at war.  My story “A Soldier’s Magic” comes from some of those experiences, blending magic, modern day military, and women soldiers.  The Darkness Within.
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