Rule G: know your Genre before you start writing

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We’re onto the letter G in Linda’s Rules of Writing of the A to Z Challenge, and knowing your Genre before you start writing.

I think one of the biggest challenges of the publishing industries — and also a pet peeve — is genre.  There’s so much ambiguity about it.  I like to read both fantasy and thriller, and a mix of other types of books (if you want to see a selection of the titles, see my Facebook page).  It doesn’t help that a publisher may decide that for better marketing, they’re going to re-label a book.  I think a lot of romances got into urban fantasy that way.

But despite the all the mixing of genres, it’s important going into the story to know what genre and subgenre you’re aiming for.  Bad to figure it out after the book is written, and then it has to be revised.   😦  The time to figure it out is NOT when you’re writing the query.

My book is a contemporary fantasy, though if I pitch to an urban fantasy agent, it’ll be urban fantasy, since the two do share many similarities.

What is your book’s genre?

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