Rule I – Ideas shouldn’t be intimidating

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An idea is the launching point of the story, but it’s only the start.

We’re onto the letter I in Linda’s Rules of Writing of A to Z Challenge, with Ideas shouldn’t be Intimidating.

When I was new to thinking about writing professionally, ideas and inspiration were intimidating to me.  It felt like the entire success of the book was bearing down on the weight of this idea, and if the idea wasn’t right, the book would crash and burn.

Maybe that’s why people say, “I’ve got this great idea.  You write it and I’ll give you 50-50.”

Over time, I’ve learned that an idea really is just the starting point, or launch point for the story.  The idea doesn’t mean much unless there’s a good writer to execute it.

My ideas now pretty much come from everywhere, and I think a story is made up of not one — but hundreds.  Some of the ideas emerge of the story, and others are random drive by ideas.  I might be reading a newspaper article and something catches my eye.  Even a placard at a museum can create a possibility that I might use.

So, now I get to ask where do you get your ideas from?

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