Rule V: reViews are to never be used as critiques

A girl sits on a stack of hardbacks by a large bookshelf and happily reads a book.
Not everyone is a writer. Sometimes they just want to share something about a book they read.

We’re onto the letter V in Linda’s Rules of Writing of the A to Z Challenge.

I keep running into writers who treat reviews as critiques of their stories.  They either use them to look for places for improvement or have meltdowns because the critique points out some pretty big flaws.  Sometimes the writer will even fuss at the reviewer because the review wasn’t “constructive” enough.

The problem is that a review is NOT a critique.  It’s done by readers who may not even be writers and are merely sharing their opinions to other readers to help them determine if they want to buy a book.  Besides, if the book’s already published, it’s a lot too late to expect critiques!

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