Rule X: eXperiment with new writing techniques

Linda’s Rules of Writing

A woman soldier roars as she repels head first down a tower. Her body language says, "I own this!"
Seriously, are you going to tell this female soldier not to try? Photo credit: Department of Defense.

We’re onto the letter X in Linda’s Rules of Writing for the A to Z Challenge, and on eXperimenting in writing.

One of the big things about the Writing Rulz Police is that the first thing they tend to say is, “Most people do this badly” — whatever the “this” happens to be, like omniscient viewpoint.

Then they add this gem in: “Don’t even try it.”

Maybe it’s just me because I spent 12 years in the army, but we couldn’t go back and tell our squad letters, “Sorry, Sergeant.  We can’t do this.  It’s hard.”  The sergeant expected us to accomplish the mission.  Period.

How do we learn how to be better writers if we don’t experiment?  How do we learn new things if we don’t even try?

What new things have you experimented with?

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