6 fun reasons to go to a library book sale

Girl reaches up to get a book off the top shelf in a library
Books! Really, do I need to say more?

My county library had their semi-annual book sale this weekend.

In the weeks before the sale, they start storing the books behind a fence in the parking lot, and it looks like it’s about to burst.

If you haven’t been to one, it’s time to go.

Reason #1: The books are cheap

Paperbacks at .50 cents each; books that would run $20 at a bookstore going for $3.  Seriously, how can you resist with prices like that?

When you go though, bring your own bags.  Use those ubiquitous canvas bags everyone gives out.  They’ll hold up under the weight of all the books you put into the bag.

Reason #2: They may not just have books

My library sale also has maps, video tapes, DVDs, and music.  Some of the maps are quite old, from vacations past, but if it were needed for a story set in that time frame, it’d be a pretty good reference.

Reason #3: Unexpected Finds

I’m terrible with details, and one valuable resource that has helped me is a visual dictionary.  I found an out of print one at the library sale, then later went to the bookstore and got the newer updated one.  Very valuable discovery.

Reason #4: Research

I used to have an auction in my book.  It came out on revisions, but when I was looking for more information on auctions, I wanted to get an auction book.  New ones are expensive!  They can cost $60.00. I rooted around two separate library sales and found 15 year old auction books, one for paintings and one for coins.

Reason #5: Raises money for the library

I think every library in the country has suffered from budget cuts.  Even when I was in the military, Fort Lewis kept cutting the library’s budget.  It just seems like the bureaucrats don’t really think libraries are an important resource.

So you can contribute two ways: Clean out your bookshelves and give it to library and then fill your shelves again from the sale.

Reason #6: It’s about the books

Seriously, is there no better reason than this?

What’s the most fun thing you’ve found at a library sale?

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2 thoughts on “6 fun reasons to go to a library book sale

  1. wordstock16 May 1, 2013 / 10:32 am

    Our library has an entire room, staffed by volunteers, offering books for sale year round. I try to stay away because it can get costly but you have given me a new reason to stop and search. As research material, I am sure that I’ve missed something. Thanks


    • Linda Adams May 1, 2013 / 5:59 pm

      Yeah — our main library has one of those, too. Also, quite handily, a large book bin to drop books in for the sale. ** Reminds me to take my books for the next sale down ***


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