Tulip sightings around Washington, DC

Flowers in Washington, DC

One of the things I like about spring in Washington, DC, is the explosion of color.  Winter makes the city brown and barren, and then first signs of buds appear as spring approaches.  The cherry blossoms make their entrance, and then, within two weeks, the whole place turns colorful.  Tulips bloom right on the heels of the cherry blossoms and are just as spectacular with their vibrant colors.  Some photos for your viewing pleasure!

Red and yellow tulips
These were in full sunlight and blowing in the wind. It was amazing how the camera instantly stopped their movement.
Overhead shot of yellow tulips
Checking out the overhead shot of the yellow tulips. I call this color “Irwin Allen Yellow.” Can you guess why?
Overhead shot of the inside of a red tulip.
I have a new camera, so I was playing with getting a shot straight down of the inside of this red tulip.
Puple and yellow tulips
Purple and yellow! Oh, my!
Overhead shot of purple tulips
Another overhead shot of the purple tulips

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