10 Weeks of 10 Short Stories

Purple flower covered with rain drops.
I took this flower photo in the early morning when it was raining.

For the next 10 weeks, I’m going to write a short story a week, and submit it to a magazine. This will be in addition to working on my novel.

Story #1 / May 7-11

The first story I started on May 7 and finished on May 11.  It was a fantasy, with a woman soldier, for a magazine requesting submissions for a military theme.

It was scary committing to sending the story out so fast, because it meant I did editing and proofreading, but I did not do any revision.  I’m a pantser, and I tend to leave things out (like the details, description, setting, etc.).  So I had to focus on making sure those elements got into the story.  I didn’t realize how big a deal this would be, because I kept thinking, “It’ll get rejected for that,” and then I thought about the last incarnation of this particular idea. The things I revised into the story probably got it rejected.  So off it went.

Next story on the plate for tomorrow is going to be steampunk — my first steampunk.  Women soldiers again, because the magazine I want to submit to is looking for stories with women protagonists.  Women soldiers is going to put me on the good side of that.  Exactly how many people are writing about that?

If you want to join in and do 10 and 10, please post your progress in the comments.  It’s only ten stories, but also ten submissions.  The only catch is that you have to do your other writing, too, because part of the challenge is managing the time.