Week 3: 10 Weeks of 10 Stories

Palm trees silhouetted against a purple and orange sunset

Photo from ClipArt.com — If I tried something like this it would be all dark.

Story #3’s electrons are merrily winging their way on submission, finished a few days earlier than I expected.  The story started with a theme of “strangers.”  I wondered what the heck I was going to do with that, because strangers implies, in a way, horror.  I don’t do horror.  An hour or so later, the story hit me, almost fully formed, and also inspired by the colors of sunset and by a lecture on Wicca I got in my writing group the previous week.  The story took about 30 minutes to write.  No soldiers this time — it’s a fantasy set in a village with a healer who makes a really big mistake.  It turned into a strange and powerful story.

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7 thoughts on “Week 3: 10 Weeks of 10 Stories

  1. It feels good when a story or post flows into your head fully formed. Our subconscious works harder than we do, and then when we are ready, it flows. Wish it would happen more often. To get a story down in thirty minutes is superb.


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