What makes you put down a book?

A stuffed dog
One of my writing buddies. Can you resist that face?

I’m over on Unleaded today with a post on what makes you put down a book.  Here’s a snippet:

I was thinking about that after reading Judy Hedlund’s post Top 7 Reasons I Stop Reading a Novel.   A lot of times you get writers together about what makes you put a book down, and it’s like going back to grade school.

They have their red pens out, ready to identify an adverb use or what they view as a POV shift, and then they point gleefully and say:

“You got it wrong!”

By intent, I don’t notice that kind of stuff.  I’m more forgiving as a reader in some respects, and in others, far less forgiving.  I have three reasons that I will automatically put down a book, and likely never read the author again.  Read the reasons on Unleaded Fuel for Writers.

I’ll be back later this week with a post on Balticon.