Beach! Photos of Virginia Beach

After I went to Balticon, I traveled to Virginia Beach (if you know anything about Virginia and Maryland, Baltimore and Maryland are NOT close to each other).  Virginia Beach was a research trip.  My novel is set in alternate Hawaii.  I grew up on the West Coast and have been to Hawaii twice, but I was struggling to remember beach details.  Traveling to Hawaii (which I would have very much liked) was out of the question because of costs, but going locally was doable.  Onto pictures!

Overhead shot of Virginia Beach
I could see the beach from my hotel room!

Beach!  Beach!

When I checked in my room, I was greeted with this scene from the balcony.  Of course I had to dash and see it in person.  One of the things that I was surprised at was how noisy the sea was.  I could hear the constant crash of the waves.  Depending on the time of the day, it got quieter or louder.

A truck pulls a rake across the beach
Got to keep the beach mowed.

It was a surprise to see the city raking out the sand every morning.  Workers were out there all day doing maintenance work like emptying the trash and painting the light fixtures.  Not sure how well the painting went.  The wind carried sand and salt.  My hair was sticky with both when I went back to the hotel!

A wave comes in
To get the details, I had to wade into the surf.

Standing out in the surf brought back the memory I had long forgotten of what it was like to have the wave hit your ankles (cold!), then reverse direction.  It’s almost dizzying watching the wave move backwards as the next one rolls forward into it.

Sunrise on Virginia Beach
Sunrise on Virginia Beach

Though it looks like sunset, I actually took this shot early in the morning.  I was really surprised at how these shots came out because the camera brought out deeper color than what I was seeing.

Next up will be photos of art along the boardwalk and flowers along the boardwalk.

Anyone want to guess how many photos I took?  I was there an evening, a day, and a morning.

7 thoughts on “Beach! Photos of Virginia Beach

  1. Wonderful pictures. We spend a lot of time at the beach and that’s probably one of the reasons we don’t move from California. However, I did have an opportunity to see Virginia Beach many years back. It was a highlight from my trip because I finally go to see the “right” ocean. When we were teaching our children right and left, we taught them that when facing north, the ocean on the left was the Pacific and the ocean on the right was the Atlantic. Although that was many years ago, it has stuck and we still call it that. Virginia Beach is a very lovely place.


    1. I grew up in California. The beaches are quite different. One of the things that struck me about VB was that I couldn’t find a lot shells. There were a few oysters and some broken clams, but not much else. California was sand dollars, mussels, barnacles, sea glass, limpets, crab shells, and stones smoothed by the waves. Very different.


  2. I lived in Virginia Beach for 12 years, and still live only 20 minutes away in Chesapeake. Living so close for so long, sometimes I forget how beautiful and wonderful the beach can be and how so many people don’t get to experience it. Thank you for reminding me and good luck on your novel!


    1. It was an incredibly beautiful beach. Someone mentioned another one is about two hours away (the one where the horses swim — I don’t want to attempt to spell the name!)


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