Cowbells at the writer’s conference

A hotel conference room with tables and people
This is what a pitch session looks like


I went to the Books Alive! In Bethesda, MD, this weekend (formerly, the American Independent Writers Conference).  In this case, I wasn’t attending the conference, but running the agent pitch session all day.  This is what the pitch session looked like:

I run it like a drill sergeant (though I was never one in the army).  We stay on time.  Period.  The authors had eight minutes, and I called a two minute warning for the agents, and then time.   One of the volunteers brought a cow bell I could ring when time was up.  Sometimes I said “Moo” to the agents (yes, I really did).

To prove it, here’s the photo …

Me with the cowbell


In keeping with cows, I had my Moo cards with me, in my Arc planner.  I just had the planner open on the table with all the pretty colors on the cards (did you expect anything else).  That caught the eye of two agents, and they’d never even heard of Moo cards.  So I was happily giving away cards as examples.  Never know …

Emory Hackman, me, and Mike Causey
Pitch session volunteers Emory Hackman and me with Mike Causey



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