Week 6: 10 Weeks of 10 Stories

Sergeant pins medal on female soldier.
Staff Sgt. Alicia Anderson (Freeman) from Queens, N.Y., is pinned with an Army Commendation Medal by the Joint Multinational Readiness Center Command Sgt. Maj. Frank Graham.  Photo courtesy U.S. Army.

Story #6 is done and away!

After I hit the halfway milestone, I had this little voice saying:

“You’ve done five.  That’s pretty good.  You can stop now.” 

So I really did have to write the story, because I had committed to doing it.  It’s easy to find something else to do than write something.

It probably didn’t help also that I was fried over the weekend from the writer’s conference.  It’s hard being an introvert and being already so many people all day long.  I tried to get breaks, but not enough to recharge effectively.  Plus I got two rejections — same story.  And I’m still working on the novel and nearing the halfway mark.  Then there were the two major storms that rolled through.


This story was tough to write though. It was for a military anthology from a prestigious press.  The only problem was that they didn’t pay, which irked me.

They want to support the soldiers, but they don’t pay for the writing?! 

However, the majority of the calls are like that, and I do want to get visibility in this area.  I doubt if very many women are writing for this, except for the wives, and all the stories all probably defaulting to male soldiers.

The women’s voices need to be heard, too.

But I kept it to flash fiction, because I wasn’t going to write a 5,000 word story for free.  The story took about 30 minutes to write and was 500 words, and I hated it.  I kept feeling like something was wrong with it, though I couldn’t pin down why.

I’m guessing it was simply because I went out of my comfort zone with it, and quite a bit.  It’s easier for me to plop soldiers in a fantasy because the focus on is on the fantasy elements and being a soldier is part of that story.  This one put a magnifying glass on a single moment of being a real soldier in a real place.

So I ignored those little voices saying it wasn’t good and sent it out.

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6 thoughts on “Week 6: 10 Weeks of 10 Stories

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  2. Texanne

    Hi, Linda–

    Are you writing Flash because of Holly’s course in Flash Fiction? (Its, ahem, a very short course.)
    Anyway, good to know you are writing complete stories and getting them out there. Rock on!


    1. Haven’t taken Holly’s course on flash fiction. I’ve always done some of it because the stories don’t take a lot of time, and sometimes a story calls out to be shorter. Contrary to the way most writers write, I actually will stay in the shorter range and not turn it into a novel.


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