Guest Post: Impress Your Agents With Your Branding

Cover for Patricia Caviglia's book Masks
Cover for Patricia Caviglia’s book Masks

Wednesday’s post is by Pat Caviglia,  She’s participating in the 2013 Wordcount Blogathon, which is a post every day single in June.  Having just done the A to Z Challenge, I know how much work that is!  She also has the novella Masks out on Amazon for your viewing pleasure.  Pat is part of the We Are Not Alone group that I’m in and just went to a writer’s conference, too!

Onto the post!

At the CanWrite! 2013 Conference, I met literary agent Sam Hiyate. Friend and indie author of the Bridge Club and The Promise of Provence, Patricia Sands had a pitch session with him. While he hadn’t read her novels yet, he was impressed with her. The reason? Her branding and marketing efforts. Pat tweets regularly. She blogs twice a week and has integrated her passion for southern France and photography into it. Her blog also features fellow writers and women who are changing the world. Furthermore, she belongs to two writers associations and is a program coordinator for one of them. She supports the writing community and networks by regularly attending readings and writers events across the city. She’s also invested in advertising her novels and invested her time as a guest speaker. She’s knocked on several indie bookstore doors and talked them into taking her books on consignment.  And she’s paired up with author, professor and businesswoman Susan Sommers to speak on women’s issues. Whew! Are you out of breath yet?

Had she shown up to her pitch session with a 400 page novel printed on 8 X 11 paper, he might have considered reading it because her stories are interesting, and she’s a good writer, a genuine person and an energetic and energizing woman. Instead, she whipped out her two self-published beautiful looking novels and listed all that she’s done so far to promote them. This got his attention. Pat is a writer who understands that there’s more to publishing than writing.

So consider what you are ready and willing to do beyond writing, make a list and do it.

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