Writing into the Abyss

Now it’s my turn for a guest post over at Patricia Caviglia’s blog.  She did a guest post on impressing an agent with your branding for me yesterday.  Here’s a snip from the post:

A chair on the shore of a foggy lake at sunrise
Sometimes — most times — pantsing is like being on a foggy day. I know what’s in front of me, but not what’s ahead of me. Photo: Clipart.com

Wandering by Pat Caviglia’s blog for spell and a companion post to her A Writing Plan.  She outlines, and I’m the opposite — I write without an outline, or am a pantser.  I’m working on a contemporary fantasy set in an alternate world of Hawaii.

At times, it’s pretty scary because I sometimes have no idea what I’m going to do.  I may go into a story without almost nothing — sometimes not even the character’s names.  I just keep asking the characters what they want to do, and sometimes the results surprise me. Read the rest on Patricia Caviglia’s blog.