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Shh — I saw a wrabbit and got photos!

Small brown rabbit in the grass.

My second rabbit sighting of the year!

I came back from the writer’s conference last Saturday, and something brown was startled out of the bushes and ran to the grass.  I thought it was a squirrel because I see a lot of them in this area.  Then I discovered it was a small, brown bunny!

I almost never see bunnies.  There’s a local park where I spotted a similar one (or possibly this fellow) a week or two before, but they usually stay hidden. This one was about the size of a squirrel.

Despite how far this looks in the photo, I was pretty close to him, and he had stopped moving to try to hide from me.  You don’t see it in the photo, but to the left of the bunny is a busy street.

The bunny in profile

I’m carefully adjusting my position here and trying not to startle him.

So I started adjusting my position while trying not to startle him.  I wanted be on the street side of him so when he ran, he wouldn’t get run over.

Bunny by metal bench, white tail showing.

Check out the rabbit’s little white tail

When I got around on the street side, I stepped toward him, and he moved in the direction I wanted him to go.  The next second he was gone.  The rabbit shape shape suggests they would be sluggish and not move fast, but when he ran, he was gone in three hops.


  1. Super cute bunny photos. We have them to and like yours, only allow us to see them occasionally. It’s always a treat. Great photos.


  2. That is such a cute bunny! Thank you for sharing these great photos and your bunny experience.


  3. @Maurees @Ann I’ve seen the little rabbit since then. He showed up early in the morning as I was getting ready for work. He must like our plants!



  1. Photos: Belmont Bay Visit | Linda Adams
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