Week 7: 10 Weeks of 10 Stories

A gray squirrel pauses on concrete steps.

I’ll admit — I’ve been thinking, “Wait a minute!  I still have three stories left?”

The first group of these I pulled mainly from existing ideas or stories that I had tried before.  I’m now into coming up with new ideas, and that’s where it’s been more of a struggle.  They don’t always come easily.  In fact, I should have abandoned my first novel long before I really did because I kept thinking that I didn’t have any ideas for a new one.

So I pretty much picked something and ran with it, for another flash fiction story that kind of surprised me as to how it came out.  I’m not still not quite sure what I think of it.

The “something” I picked was an event of sorts that happened to me in the early spring.  It was one of the passing moments that catches your attention because it’s so strange.  A construction company had started work digging out the foundation for a series of condominiums (all $500K at up.  Yikes!).  They put a tunnel over the sidewalk — a plank roof supported by a pipe structure.

That morning I was walking to the farmer’s market, and because it was early spring, we still were getting due on everything.  The pipes were dripping wet.

This guy comes from the opposite direction with a real bouncy walk.  Suddenly he bends under one of the railings — hardly an interruption really — and then walks again.  Then he does the same thing, and now I see what exactly he’s doing.

He’s licking the dew off the pipes.


But I turned it into a story about grief, and I have no idea how that happened.

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