Doing Short Stories, Novel, and Blog All At Once, Oh, my!

Fire trucks parked along the curb, lights flashing.
I want to save the emergencies for real emergencies. The fire trucks were for a fire in an nearby apartment building. We had at least ten trucks out.

One of my goals during the 10 Weeks of 10 Stories was to not drop other ongoing projects to meet my personal deadlines for the short stories.  In the past I would take the time from the novel writing to do the short story.  I often waited until I was close to the theme deadline, then did a panicked race through the story to get it done.

It turned a short story into a false emergency.

And my creative process didn’t work right for the story because I was rushing, and it gets rejected.

Sometimes I’m my own worst enemy!

In most cases, I knew about the deadline in advance, sometimes many months in advance.  So with this round of writing, I wanted to write the stories, but also work on the novel and blog.   As a result, I had to think about where the short stories would fit in my schedule and what kinds of deadlines I would write for.

This forced me to look at what else was going on that week.  I went to Balticon and Virginia Beach in the same week, so I decided that a flash fiction story would be a better choice than a 3,000 word one.  Then I attended Books Alive! and I had to work around that as well.

Compare that to last year where I was doing the A to Z Challenge.  I hadn’t thought about how to manage the time for the 26 blog posts and turned them into false emergencies every time I posted.  I went to ConTemporal, and it put a stake through the challenge.

I do think writing at the last minute has its place because sometimes last minute does crop up.  But there should be a real reason behind it, not that I just didn’t manage my time well.  At work, I get false emergencies all the time.  People don’t plan well and wait until the last minute, and it all ends up coming to me.  I’m also a worker bee, so I’m stuck with the system.  I try to change what I can, but the one thing I know:

I can’t bring this home.  Writing has to be fun, and false emergencies strip out the fun.

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