Photos: Art Along the Virginia Beach Boardwalk

Time for the promised photos of the art and flowers along the Virginia Beach boardwalk! The boardwalk itself isn’t one — it’s a wide concrete path that follows the beach and is lined with hotels. Between the hotels are various types of artwork.  I tried to walk most of the boardwalk to get a look at everything, but it was three miles and getting hot!

I could see this guy from my hotel room — he’s 34-feet tall.  The artist was Paul DiPasquale, and he did some marvelous detail work all over the statue.

Statue of King Neptune against a bright blue sky.
King Neptune keeping watch out for the sea. There was a park bench nearby reserved for him.


I found this one while walking down Atlantic Avenue, searching for lunch places that didn’t cost a fortune and have a zillion calories.  This was a gorgeous mural on a restaurant:

Mural of surfer looking at VW bus.
Mural on the side of a store. We used to have a VW bus like that, but in pumpkin.


And then I spotted this strange looking place and had to investigate ..

Corner building with a skull on top, and skeletal fingers clutching edge of roof.
This looks like right out of a science fiction film. It’s actually a surf shop.

Yeah, I don’t get surf shop from it either.

But the one that got the most excitement from me was the Naval Aviation Monument, which was created by Michael Maiden in 2006.  I saw the men in the monument first and was thinking that there weren’t any women (because there usually aren’t) and then I saw the bun.

Statue of woman sailor.
Yes! A female navy sailor. Someone didn’t forget the women veterans.

This site has even more pictures of art in Virginia Beach: Arts Adventures. Make sure you click through the smaller pictures for more art.  I wish I’d seen some of these.  Of course, that’s a reason to go back.

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