Week 8: 10 Weeks of 10 Stories

A large tree branch lays on the ground
When I first saw this tree branch, I thought an entire tree had fallen. The branch is taller than me.

All this week we’ve had a lot of heat and humidity.  That always comes with a thunderstorm, usually about 4:00 in the afternoon — just in time for everyone to start getting on the road home.  We had a huge storm blow through, and a tree or branch always comes down like the one above.

The heat itself became the inspiration for this week’s story.  Unless it’s raining, I always go outside to write at lunchtime.  It’s hard doing that when it’s so humid.  I was sitting at my netbook under an umbrella and trying to motivate myself, which was very hard because the heat just sucked the energy out of me.

So I set the story in Southern California, on the same date, but in 1973, and it became a story about the roles of women.  One of the things that my parents always expected was that my father would die first, so he made sure insurance was taken care of.  But neither asked what the next step was.  My mother couldn’t do any of the basic things that would have been required.  It was an expectation of the times that the man would take care of everything, and the woman would raise the children.  But things like divorce and death get in the way.  So this story was from a child’s perspective of her life about to change because of this.

It ended up being a very different story than what I usually write.

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  1. You just never know where a story is going to take you. That’s part of the fun…at least to me. 🙂

    Stopping by on the A-Z Road Trip BUT I also “know” you from over at the Comments section on Writer Unboxed. 🙂


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