Staying Silent on Women in SciFi is an opinion — not the one you think

Woman scuba divers
Though Sea Hunt had a lot of exciting adventures, not a lot of them included women.

Today, I’m over at Unleaded, Fuel for Writers.  A preview:

When I was growing up, I watched shows like Star Trek and Sea Hunt and dreamed of adventures with women in them.  One of the reasons I got into science fiction was because I saw Uhura – a woman — on the bridge of the Enterprise, and I wanted to be like that.  The books of the day didn’t give me much: the women were often victims, if they were in the book at all.

Then, women didn’t speak up about how society treated them.  Not much anyway, and those at the cost of being unpopular.  They were encouraged not to have opinions and that what they thought didn’t count.  My mother one was one those women, and she rarely stood up for herself.  Read the rest.

My non-fiction article “War Happens” has been accepted by the University of Nebraska Press for Red, White & True: The American Military Story from WWII to Present.  Details to follow as I find out more.