Bats in the Belfry, Washing Machine, and Oven Vent

Bats in a tree
Bats in the tree. Photo from

Tonight’s International Bat Night, a program designed to address the myths everyone has about bats.  I just had to do a bit of research into bats for a part of one of my stories.  Most of my knowledge comes from a few bat experiences (other than watching Batman anyway), though I did learn:

  • Bats may look like rats, but they aren’t related
  • They’re the only mammal that can fly
  • Bat babies are called pups

They can fit into very small cracks and crevices.  My uncle has a historical house (the Havilah Babcock House in this link).  The house was built with two walls, kind of like a submarine.  But it makes a great bat egress. They get in through the holes in the foundation where the mortar is crumbling away, go up between the walls, and then come out in the attic.  They turn up in weird places in the house.  One time my aunt found one inside the washing machine!

I had one that tried to get into my oven vent one morning.  I woke up to this screaming sound coming from the kitchen.  It was just after dawn and the sky had that gray tone to it.  I went to see what the sound was, and I could see this head through the fan.  Apparently, the bat thought the vent was a place it could hide in.  A few minutes later, the bat was gone, off to find another sleeping place.

Any encounters of the bat kind?

4 thoughts on “Bats in the Belfry, Washing Machine, and Oven Vent

  1. We had one caught in our home in Southwest Florida that was quite large. Mathair, (my mother) came into my room and informed me of our nightly visitor which I responded with, “Then why is my door open?! Go get rid of it!” I’m not much for things that look like rats especially when they fly around your head. I had no idea they weren’t of the same family though, so that’s refreshing. I’d like to say it’s given me a new perspective on them, Linda, but I still think they’re… *shiver*… yuck.


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