No Wonder Woman Film Yet

Cover for Wonder Woman.  Amazon. Hero. Icon.
Is this an awesome cover?

Wonder Woman was a presence in my family when I was growing up.  My father had one of those big collections of comic books.  One was Flash Gordon and the other was Wonder Woman.  It had all the comics from the early days of Wonder Woman.  I remember it was a big yellow book.  It probably had a spiffy paper cover, but that disappeared pretty fast.

It was, of course, made into a TV series with Lynda Carter, starting first in WWII, and then when it moved networks, Wonder Woman’s alter ego worked for a spy organization.

But a movie?  We’ve never had one.  Both Batman and Superman have had at least two remakes.  And I look at all the reasons the executives give, and it sounds like they’re not being honest with themselves.

They don’t think a movie with a woman lead will sell, and they don’t want to invest in it.

There’s been dearth of movies with female leads in them.  When Hunger Games came out and was so successful, everyone started talking about having more movies with characters like that.

Hollywood always rushes out after a blockbuster and tries to duplicate it.  How many films did they make with women characters like Katniss?


There’s been some films that have been hugely successful, but Hollywood still doesn’t warm up much to having women in action roles.

Maybe it’s because it feels too risky.  Movies cost a lot of money, and Hollywood tends to want to play it safe.  This is what I don’t like about marketing.  Everyone goes from what’s the quick sell, and they don’t want to take chances.  Chances are where the big pay offs can be.  People are saying, “Give us a Wonder Woman movie!”  Seriously, is this riskier than making the recent Lone Ranger movie, which didn’t do well?