Happily Ever After — Or Not. Life Happens

I think everyone grew up watching Disney cartoons.  Always a beautiful princess who got swept off her feet by a handsome prince and lived “Happily Ever After.”  Sasha Emmons shows us what life might look like afterward for these princesses.

This reminded me of a friend who was perpetually looking for the “Happily Ever After” she read about in romance novels.  Of course, life happened, again and again, and got in the way of that.  She ended up not getting even the happy part, and she might have been okay if she wasn’t looking from someone to rescue her from all her problems.

The message the media still sends out — we see it in film, in magazines, and on the cover of books — is that women just need to be beautiful and that will solve everyone’s problems.  We can’t all look like airbrushed models.  Nor can we all stay 20 forever.

Life happens.

3 thoughts on “Happily Ever After — Or Not. Life Happens

  1. These words are very true. I believe in happy endings too, but I do not believe in perfection. I just want to find someone who really loves me and supports me. Great post. I just loved the pictures of the Disney princesses after life got done with them. Hilarious!


  2. Mathair raised me with a strong sense of self and would remind me everyday that the world isn’t perfect nor are the people in it. Imperfections give spice to life, the world, their what makes us who we are. I’d hate to think of what would come of this world if we were all the same Barbie Doll robots that the media wants us to be. And, moreover, I believe with age comes a beauty and grace that can’t be replicated by a plastic surgeon or fitness instructor or restrictive diet. A wonderful quirkiness that can only be gotten by life experiences and …. imperfections. Sorry for the rant, Linda, but your post really spoke to me. You brought out wonderful points that I believe more people should have the moxie to say. 🙂


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