The Squirrels Made Me Do It

The New York Times has a funny article on squirrels knocking out power for some pretty big places.  The comments had a whole bunch of squirrel stories.  Here’s mine:

Virginia has a lot of squirrels.  Though they’re around spring and summer, fall is when they go nuts and do strange things.  About 10 years ago, I was in an apartment.  One of those garden ones, set on a hill, so there’s a lower floor on the back side of the building.  I guess the people in that apartment were moving or unloading groceries or something.  They’d left both the building front door and their apartment door open.

This gray squirrel comes up the stairs and goes in the building door.  Looks around a bit, see the open apartment door.  Now it goes down those stairs and into the apartment.

I’m looking around outside, wondering if the owner is anywhere nearby.

But a minute later, the squirrel comes back out, comes up the stairs, comes through the entrance, and back outside again.

Any crazy squirrel stories?

3 thoughts on “The Squirrels Made Me Do It

  1. We actually had a squirrel in our car! I had accidently left the windows open overnight, and when I was on my way to school the next morning, a rather large squirrel started running around the backseat like it was on crack! Thank goodness I remained calm and pulled over because it definitely could’ve caused a major accident. Funny enough, the furry pest had created a little nest in my floorboard and had a litter of babies. I’d like to say that I kept a few, but Mathair insisted I take them to the animal shelter where they could be properly cared for. And, that’s my crazy squirrel story.


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