Your Writer’s Biography

Cat Lumb had an interesting post up on your writer’s biography, or in this case, what kinds of goals you are doing to be a writer.

My overall goal is the make a full-time living writing fiction.  It’s a scary step, because there’s a safety net in a regular full time job.  But ever since I started writing at 8 years old, that’s all I’ve wanted to do.  Jobs have a tendency to want you to move up in ranks and have a career.  It was like that in the military, and it’s like that with pretty much any job in Washington, DC.  But the expectation with that moving up is that you’ll spend more hours doing it.

Uh, no.  I want to go home and write.  So no one’s ever known quite what to do with me.

Anyway, here’s what I’m doing to attain this goal eventually:

1. The first is to write, and write a lot more than I’ve been doing.  I’m working on a new novel, a mystery set in Central California.  I just sent a story out to a pro-rate magazine, and I’m planning on doing another short story this week.  For all the talk about social media and promotion, everyone forgets to tell writers the best form of promotion: publication, and lots of it.

2.  Then there’s time management.  I look at all the books, and they have a very set in stone system.  None of the systems have effectively worked for me.  I don’t want to go full time writer and run into huge problems because of time management.  So I’m using my regular job to work in baby steps to correct some of my weak areas.  Truthfully, if I can master it in my job, I’ll probably find things a lot easier on the writing side (my job is chaos).  So I’m working on making a system that’s for me, starting with scheduling and capturing.

3.  The last is I’m taking classes to improve my writing.  Not the cheapie classes that teach a system, but classes by career writers who teach techniques.  I’m currently taking one on how to produce ideas on demand, which is how I came up with the new novel idea and got the short story out.  I’m also going to be taking a workshop where the career writers will analyze the weaknesses in my writing — not critiques — and make recommendations on things I can do to improve on them.

2 thoughts on “Your Writer’s Biography

  1. I share your dream. You at least figured out how to make yours a reality. Good for you. Because I want to write full time, I find it hard to stick it out at other jobs that I do not like, which is probably why I am unemployed right now. I want to wish you all the best with seeking publication. I know you will succeed.


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