Linda Maye Adams

Star Trek at 47

It’s hard to believe that Star Trek celebrated the 47th anniversary of its premier on September 8, 1966.  It wasn’t successful on prime time TV, and in fact, the network canceled it and then brought it back because of a write-in campaign.  Then the network canceled it again.  Another ten years or so would go by before popularity for the show gained momentum.

That was where I discovered the show.  Read the rest on Unleaded: Fuel for Writers,


  1. Talk about perseverance! It really is a testament to prove to others that some things are really meant to be. If a story is good enough, no matter how many times it falls, fails, is buried under the weight of negativity, it will rise above and the viewers/readers/the world will keep it going.


    • Good story always trumps everything else (including dated clothes or special effects).


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