Blogging More vs. Blogging Less

When I first got into social media, everyone said to blog at least three times a week.  This was, according to the mass indie movement, the best way to find readers to read your books.  I never believed that, because as a reader, I don’t run across someone’s blog and go “Oh!  I want to buy a book.”  Marketing to readers has always been a challenge for the big name publishers, because it doesn’t work like other marketing.  Yet, everyone treats it as if it does.

I used to cowrite with a marketer, so I keep seeing that over and over again.  If you need a computer, the marketing’s easy.  Things like size, weight, what software it has, how fast it is.  Fiction defies marketing in the traditional way.  If I write fantasy, how am I supposed to market?  Blog about unicorns?

Despite that, everyone kept saying everywhere that fiction writers had to find a platform and market it.  No one talked about the writing part.

Now the writers are shifting to writing fewer posts, like once a week and turning back their writing.  

The reason I’m not is that I’ve always found it a way to train for the time management side of things.  Like writing, some things have dual purposes.  But I’ve also gone away from the “formulas” all the social media people said I was supposed to do like list posts.

Do you think people have gotten tired or blogging, or just tired of subjects that keep repeating?

One thought on “Blogging More vs. Blogging Less

  1. I go with blogging when I have something to share. Otherwise, I think it gets to sounding like a forced subject to pick something out of the air, at least for me. I have months where I wrote 10 articles and some months (at least in the beginning) where I only share 1 or 2.


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