Shouldn’t Writing Fiction Be Fun?

There’s a quote that roams around the internet periodically about not liking the process of actually writing:

“I don’t like to write, but I love to have written.” Michael Kanin

I think I’ve seen this attribute to several other people as well, and people pass it around because it’s true for them.  You know, I don’t get that.  Doing the writing is the best part of writing.  In fact, I dislike research because I’d rather get to the writing instead of doing “homework.”  Okay, well, it’s not really homework, but it feels like it to me.

But let’s suppose writing a novel takes a year to write.  The writer has a learning curve to fix some challenging things that are also a lot of work.  Then the writer goes to a critique thinking the story is ready to be submitted to agents and finds out there’s even more work.  Finally, it’s time to labor over the query letter and synopsis.  Then it’s probably another year of submitting to agents, as well as starting a new book …

Then there’s the reviews and the marketing.

That’s a lot of time spent over something if you don’t like to do it, especially with several areas where there are truly things to dislike, like agent rejections, bad reviews.

Just something to think about.