Do we need an excuse to read?

This week is National Short Story Week.  The purpose is to encourage people to read more stories (like we really need more help doing more reading.  I have enough trouble keeping up).  In the days when my uncle Ernie Rydberg wrote, there were tons of pulp magazines.  Then society changed, and the magazines fell by the wayside, and we ended up with fashion magazines that were more advertising that even non-fiction.  Some of these might have one short story in them, if at all, and not one I’d want to read.

But short stories have always hung around, mostly in the form of anthologies, some digest magazines like Ellery Queen.  Now they’re emerging again through ePublishing.  Just make sure that if you’re shopping around for books with more women in them to make sure you check through the table of contents.  I’m still finding a lot of books and magazines with all men writers and maybe one woman character in the entire book/magazine.

These were some anthologies I picked up at cons, which are evil places because I can’t leave without buying books!

Mermaids 13:  The cover made me buy this one. But it has a bonus — lots of women writers.  Sad to say I’ve found anthologies with zero women writers, and may be one woman character.

Circus: Fantasy Under the Big Top.  Read the story about the monkeys.  That was actually the inspiration for my non-fiction piece, “War Happens,” that’s being published in Red, White, and True from University of Nebraska Press.

No Man’s Land: Women writers, women characters, women soldiers.  Enough said?  Yeah, I know the cover’s terrible and the title doesn’t stand out.

And a couple of my stories, free online to read and both with multiple women characters:

The Sea Listens on Enchanted Spark – includes a woman veteran!