The Horrors of Buying a Planner

I dread this time of the year because I have to get a new planner, or a planner like thing.  I didn’t really use one at all until about 2007 (seriously), because I really didn’t need it.  But I was having surgery and managed to schedule two of the required appointments at the same time.  So it was probably a good idea to have something.

But it’s tough buying them.  I’m not the only one who has trouble.  Plannerisms has people who go from planner to planner each year (my record was seven, by the way), and DIY Planner has ones you can make yourself.  Then there are people who stick with the same one for decades, like Homemakers Daily with the Franklin-Covey Planner.

One of my challenges is that I’m a right-brained, creative type.  I need some color, and it needs to be colors I like.  Often I’m having to choose between color and format, which is why I end up with seven planners in a year.  Most of the planners provide too much stuff, and I prefer a spiral bound one, rather than a loose leaf one.  What’s too much?  I just need a monthly calendar that’s not too big and not an eye chart.

But all the really nice looking calendars have all the stuff in it and are the 5 1/2 by 8 size, and I want the middle size.  So I either get nice planners with stuff I don’t want, or ugly planners with stuff I do want. My second one for 2014 was a breast cancer planner, and it’s a really ugly shade of pink.  That pastel one, and gray and white.  Yuck.

At the moment, Planner #3 is a Mead Tropical Planner.  I got the dark blue cover, and it’s got beach scenes on every page — full color.  But it’s still got those pesky week things in it.  But it’s the beach …  Maybe I could use the week things to do a setting or an idea a day and make the sections useful.

One thought on “The Horrors of Buying a Planner

  1. The professor is a fellow of habit and therefore seeks out that which is familiar to him and would be in search of the identical planner (if he used one) he used last year! Do you not see the value in it? Time saving is always his motto!


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