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Publications for Linda Adams

If you’re interested in my publications, please visit my publication list on my website.  I’ve identified stories that about Women at War and Women Veterans.  Enjoy!

Coming in 2015:

  • “The Stones Next Door,” published in the Tales of the Talisman anthology
  • Soldier, Storyteller: A Woman Soldier During Desert Storm
  • Same Time, Different War, a collection of stories and poetry about war.  Will include some I wrote during Desert Storm.
  • New Robot Smell, a short story.  Add technology to the military and sometimes you get what you ask for.
  • Rogue God, a contemporary fantasy set in an alternate world of Hawaii.


  1. Congrats on the August release! Visiting from The A-Z Theme Reveal and looking forward to your April posts 🙂


  2. I’ll head over there! Thanks. Look forward to reading your blog for the A to Z Challenge!


  3. Congratulations. Your blog title brought me here, and I’m glad I came. I’d certainly be back for your April posts.
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  4. Congrats! I just stopped by through the A-Z and now I’ll be following your blog.


  5. PS. Your cover is pretty cool. Just have to share this on Facebook!


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