Wouldn’t it be awesome to visit a ship graveyard?!

I was working on developing an idea for a story based on a title which included the word river.  So I needed a river and since the Potomac River runs through the area, I started searching on it to see what looked interesting.

I was greatly surprised to find a ship graveyard at Mallows Bay in Maryland!  It’s about 200 ships from World War I.  The government hired a company to build ships for the war effort, only the ships were so shoddy that they were leaving the dock leaking.  Hmm.  A hundred years and the government is still letting shoddy stuff go out.

Since the war was winding down, the ships were sold off.  That company raided the boilers and other metalwork and then sank the ships in Mallows Bay.  Now nature has taken over the wrecks:

The ships are still there, now barely more than the outlines of their hulls. Nature has taken over. Trees as high as 50 feet sprout from some ships, and animals have made themselves at home.

“There are beaver, river otter, an incredible population of bass,” Don said. “I once saw six bald eagles at one time.”

I thought about rushing over that weekend since it’s only 50 miles away, and well, shipwrecks!  But it’s not like I can walk along the shore and go “Ooh!  Ghosts!”  They can only be accessed by kayak.  Fortunately, someone was kind enough to shoot a video so I could ride over the shoulder and see what they saw.  Enjoy!