Week 1: A Month of Setting

This is my first week of just working on doing the details of descriptions by looking around the Washington, DC area.  I wanted to do real places because it’s very hard for me to get even the most ordinary of details into the story.  I’m finding as I do these, my head keeps going, “Why would anyone care about this?” and yet, it’s what I I keep getting comments on.


1. It was hard not to pull back the blinds and look outside.  Just verify that nothing was really out there.  The wind moaned, and the skeletal fingers of the tree branch scratched at the window.  It sound like some thing was trying to get in.

2. She hated this time of the year, the first day when the cold really settled in.  It didn’t look cold outside. The sky was a bright blue, clouds spilling across it like white foam.  But then the evil winds blew, trying to sever the warmth from her body.

3. The house wasn’t hard to find.  It was a Cape Cod, white gone down to dingy and suffering from three additions too many.

4. She padded down one flight of stairs to the entrance.  Leaves had wandered in through the doorway to escape the rain, yellow going brown and dry. 

5. It looked like a maniac had slaughtered the Christmas decorations.  They were those big inflatable ones that people get to show how rich they were.  There must have been a grand worth of them on the lawn, all in deflated puddles on the dried grass.


6. The whomp-whomp drew her eyes briefly to the sky.  A olive-brown and white helicopter followed the line of the freeway, then turned off toward Andrews Air Force Base.

This is the helicopter.  We see it a lot around Washington, DC.

7. I passed by the hotel sign three times before I spotted it.  Seemed almost as if the owner had hidden the hotel because he was embarrassed he’d had to build it in an industrial park.