Week 2: Month of Setting

This is week 2 of my writing one setting a day for a month.  It’s nothing fancy, and in fact, the small bits are the ones I have the hardest time even remembering to get into the story.  This was a “furry” week, since I ran into a dog, a cat, a squirrel, and a mouse.  We had blistering cold weather (30s) and then warmed into the 60s (back to 30s today), so the critters came out for a visit.

1.  It was an apartment building, but the dirty yellow brick facade and iron fence with spikes made it look more like a prison.

2.  A yellow Labrador stood on his hind legs, front feet hooked over the top of the chain link fence.  He was just enjoying himself, tail wagging comfortably as he watched the cable man.

3.  Leaves crackled, and she caught a flash of black.  One of the black squirrels drawn out by the warm day, no doubt.

4.  The crackle alerted me that something lurked in the tall, dry, yellow grass.  I squinted, expecting a squirrel.  It was unbearably warm, and they were about.  But the shape, dark brown, had stilled, watching me.  A cat?

5.  Red Christmas lights followed the line of the chain link fence to the end of the sidewalk.

6. The fog made fuzzy halos around the white glow of the street lights.

7. As I rounded the corner of the dishware aisle, a blur of a black shape with a tail made a dash across to the kitchen utensils display.  I heard a curious thunk, and the shape was simply gone

Meanwhile, here’s a picture of the cat in #4.  I was surprised to get this good a picture.  This was taken at the Fredericksburg National Battlefield while I was on the Sunken Road.   The ranger in the video is actually standing pretty close to where I spotted the cat.

Cat mostly hidden by tall yellow grass