Finding Profanity in a Book

I’m over at Unleaded this week with Finding Profanity in a Book.  Here’s some to get you started:

My experience with books has been that if there’s a lot of profanity, I stop reading.  It often seems to signal a level of taste in the story that tells me I’m not going to like other things.  But in recently reading Pieces of My Heart by Robert Wagner, I’ve come to think that maybe it’s more of a story or character issue.

I remember the first time I stopped reading a book for the profanity.  It was the movie tie-in for Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and it had quite a bit in the first chapter.  Yikes.  I didn’t realize it was that long ago — 1977.  But even then, I  had the sense the use didn’t add anything to the story.  Hollywood was just starting to get more profanity in films …

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