Military Cadences to March By

One of the things we did in the military was sing in cadence.  It was a work song to help keep everyone in step while they were marching or running.  Of course, I was perpetually out of step (having no sense of musical rhythm whatsoever), so it never helped me much.  You’ve probably seen it in the movies, and certainly on NCIS. Soldiers or Marines run past the camera singing.  From what I understand, the Marine Corps has a school where the Marines go to train in cadence calling.  The army … well, you’re pretty much on your own.

These are some of the cadences I remember.  Because women were in the units, we didn’t see too many that were offensive, but if you check out the others, you’ll find some that are.

Rock Steady

Everywhere I go.  For obvious reasons, this one was in Basic Training.

My Old Granny is 91

Airborne Sha-nah-nah-nah